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Timberscapes specializes in the efficient use of both equipment and crew, ensuring we take your project from start to finish. We work with our customers (and their builders) to customize a plan that best suits their needs and budget when dealing with the areas outside your home.

Excavation and grading
Structural retaining walls
  • Helical screw pile installation
    Timberscapes offers a variety of screw piles sizes that can be installed for many various uses including; decks, docks, foundations, fences, signs, solar panels and the list goes on. If you require something to be supported or anchored, with a max load of up to 30,000 pounds per pile, there’s most likely a solution involving screw piles. Our staff can work with you to obtain the necessary engineered drawings and required permits as well as supply and install the piles.
  • Drainage systems
    The modern-day build site can require a great deal of planning when it comes to water management. Our staff are able to both obtain and follow the needed engineer drawings required to properly manage the water shed on your property and around your home. Through the use of underground pipes, french drains, catch basins, ditches and swales we will ensure your home is properly prepared for heavy rain and melting snow.
  • Driveway and culvert installation or resurfacing
    Whether starting from scratch or replacing and resurfacing, Timberscapes has the material and equipment to excavate and install culverts, driveways and private roads. Our staff can work with your Municipality to ensure all necessary permits and drawings are acquired and approved, taking your project from start to finish.
  • Demolition
    Whether it be removing an old house to make room for a new one or just removing the liability of a tired structure from your property, we've got you covered. Timberscapes is fully insured and able to demolish, clean up and remove all associated debris from your property.
  • Septic installation
    Working closely with our licensed Septic Installer, we are able to execute all required excavation to supply, deliver and install your new septic system as per the required and approved drawings.
  • Municipal Water and Sewer connection
    Working with our licensed Plumber, Timberscapes is able to excavate, supply and install all piping and material required to connect your property to Municipal Water and Sewer services.
  • Hydro trenching
    Underground utility connections have become the norm. We are able to supply, deliver and trench in all required underground conduit to move your hydro service line from overhead to underground as per Hydro One regulations.
Natural stone landscapes
stairs and steps
Shoreline restoration and retainment
Sod installation

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We are committed to providing the highest quality of residential and commercial tree care and property services in York Region and the areas surrounding Lake Simcoe.
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